Our vision as a company is to gain your trust, collaborating with you for the same goals. We gain your trust with hard work, and that is what we do best. Our collaborating system works for many years now; you can see it with our partners. Viva Fresh Store, Meduplast, Interex, Infinitbit are just some of our many partners that we work continuously and they were open for collaboration.
We aim for big goals; we think to create strong and healthy relationship with you, because we are your ideal partner.

Dear partner,
Based on our strong cooperation over the years, I am addressing this letter for the purpose of facilitating business cooperation with you. Sharm-Pack Company has been operating since 1995 with the production of various food hygiene products. The first sharm products include the production of aluminum foils and stretch foils, which have been launched in various regions of Kosovo. In 2018, Sharm Pack, with its new investments and newly built spaces, increased the capacity for the international market, which is one of the main goals of our company.

Sharm-Pack is a big proponent of new technology and new forms of business that emerge in the market. One of them is B2B business, and private labels, which Sharm-Pack has been practicing for a year now with our business partners.

The first operation of these new forms of business, Sharm-Pack began by producing two products for two of the largest firms in the country. Deluxe foils, manufactured and sold exclusively for Viva Fresh Store, and Top Budget foils, manufactured and sold exclusively for the firm of Proex/Interex.

This collaboration is a proof of the successful collaboration of the private label business form, and it is this success that drives us to further our business with other partner firms as well.

Sharm-Pack, except from Kosovo, it has also been involved in the Balkan market with its foil products. However, our goals also increase for the international market with the increase of production capacities and new built spaces. Sharm-Pack is in a very convenient and stable position to collaborate with its partners through private-label form, so we also urge our partners for an even closer partnership through this form.

I am grateful for your continued support, meanwhile, I am open to your requests and questions!

With kind regards,
Memli Dushi,